One year old…

So yeah, in a blink of an eye we have a one year old. My other half described it best ‘the loudest, fastest, happiest, year of our lives’ and it couldn’t describe learning how to be parents, be a family and raise a child better.

Erin is one and a happy, loud, stubborn, cheeky baby. She’s not going to be a baby for much longer which scares me more than I thought it would. The formula is gone, the sterlisier packed away and the baby clothes are in the loft and I **might have cried.

*I definitely cried.

But in saying all that I’m so excited for all the things we have to come. Little words have already started forming and James often gets a ‘dadadadadad dad’ to get him out of bed. She is cruising around the furniture so I don’t think walking is too far behind.

Her first birthday came and went in a bit of a blur and the thing I’m really reflecting on now is how amazing it is we have lasted a year and we are all alive ha!

James and I still love each other, I think I love him even more now because he is such a good dad and partner, even through moments of me crying in the bathroom because I can’t take anymore of her crying and I’m so tired.

We have managed to keep that little pink potato, we drove home with from the hospital, alive. I haven’t been able to focus on much else this year, but I’ve grown, given birth to and raised the most beautiful baby girl.

I’m quite proud of that. I’m proud of us.

Libby xo

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