10 Things I Hate About You (not really)…

Thank you so much for this tag Lenka, it’s a really nice post for me to write on a hungover Sunday. Check out her blog guys, she’s awesome.

So here’s my list lovelies, I had such fun doing it, here is how you take part. Make a list of 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. Tag 10 awesome bloggers that you love so they can take part and you’re done. How easy is that?


1. My family, they are the best. I know everyone says that about their family. However, here are some facts why mine are the best. My mum is the best lip synca- she uses a straw bent round her ear as a microphone. My dad is the reigning crash bandicoot champ in the household- probably in Kent haha. My brother is just amazing and makes BEAUTIFUL metal and precious stone jewellery- let me know if you ever want a link to his facebook 😉

2. My friends and boyfriend. I just LOVE them, there are no words to describe my group of friends, they are just my absolute rock and without them there would be no sunshine in my life. Cheesy right? James of course, is my wonderful boyfriend and without him I think laughter would just die. 3 Years in and he still makes me smile from the minute I wake up to the minute we go to sleep. Hopefully there will be many more years like this.

3. Cookbooks. I love cookbooks they are my ultimate bed time reading. I have loads and loads from old ones from the 60’s inherited from my nan to nice modern ones that I love trying new recipes from.

4. Buying make up. Right ladies? We all know this feeling too well. It’s an addiction but I love it, I don’t plan on seeking help.

5. Nice Smellies. I love nice smelly things, from candles to bubble bath. If it has a nice pong- I’m buying it. I have far too many room diffusers and bowls of pot pourri.

6. Cheese. I love cheese especially with wine. All cheese is good, I don’t discriminate, I’ll give it all a go. I love making homemade bread to go with it.

7. Shoes. I have a massive shoe collection. I worked in a shoe shop for 6 years, I bought two pairs of shoes most months so you can imagine how many pairs I have. Some of them have probably only been on my feet once.

8. English Breakfast Tea. I drink all sorts of tea but bog standard tetley tea (other great brands are available) is the BEST. I like it in a builders mug with two sugars, just incase I pop round yours, now you know how I like it 😉

9. New stationary. Who can resist a cute notebook or pen, am I right?

10. Blogs, obvs! I love it all- reading new material, meeting new people and getting inspiration to be creative. It’s an awesome world and you really feel like you’re part of something.


1. Liars. There is no need for lies, it gets you nowhere and people always get caught up in their lies sooner or later.

2. Ignorance. People who are not aware of the world around them- there is no excuse.

3. The Dentist. This is probably a big fear of most people I know, no one likes someone else’s finger in your mouth. Right?

4. Wednesdays. I hate Wednesdays, it’s the middle of the week not quite near enough to the weekend. It’s generally a really slow work day for me. Not a fan.

5. People who push religion on others. Just stop, we all believe what we want to believe, just stop it. It’s rude and invasive.

6. Bad breath. Brush, chew chewing gum. There are so many products on the market, there is no excuse peeps.

7. People who push in. I know I sound sooo british. There is a queue just queue in it, if we all abide by the queuing system, it will move a lot faster. 

8. Ex on the Beach on MTV. You applied for a show called Ex on the Beach and you’re shocked when your ex turns up on the beach (face palm)

9. Pessimistic people. Im’a cup half full kinda girl. It makes life easier.

10. People who drive like dickheads. Just drive like an normal person, you’re not cool by speeding or cutting someone up on the motorway. In fact, you could kill someone. Think about it!

Phew, that felt a bit ranty but good. Hopefully my Loves cancel out my Hates. 😉

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Eight Photos of Happiness

Today I was tagged by the lovely Megan over at Lazy Thoughts to do the eight photos of happiness post, you may have seen it floating about in the blogosphere. This is a lovely thing to be involved in so thanks Megan for the tag. It means I get to show you guys a bit more about my life and the people I share it with. My photos make me happy to look at which is why I’ve chosen them, they may not look like the typical ‘happy photo’ but they mean so much to me!

I hope you enjoy the post…

The first is from the first time I went up to the Gin Festival– give the link a click, you won’t be sorry! Anyway, amazing F4F52A14-BB98-4355-85F8-071337F873F9weekend spent with an ex work colleague and a dear friend. We had the best time sampling all the different types of gin and I even managed to meet a blogger from up North I have admired for ages. It makes me smile to look at, I was so excited and had never been to such a lovely taster evening.

The second -on the right- is a photo of me and my uncle Tim, I love this photo so much as it reminds me of why I am so close to my family. They are a bunch a loons just like me! He is the best uncle, he was the last to have children but he is a natural born parent as is the evidence lol. My Nan still has that bowl btw.

My third photo is of my best mates gorgeous little girl Bonnie. Nic is the first of my best mates to have a baby and I just love her. She is like a little mini Nicole.


Isn’t she cute? This photo literally makes me grin ear to ear ❤️

The next is of most of my friends in one photo. These bunch of girls are the best mates anyone could ask for. We’ve been through a lot together and we are all a complete support for each other. I wouldn’t change anyone of them.

Onto the next and it’s me and my lovely fella, James. This is us queuing at Alton Towers.

I treated us to a weekend away there for his 30th it was such a lovely trip and we stayed in the most adorable B n B just outside the park. We’ve been together for 3 years and I’m not gonna gush but I just loves him.

This is Jasmine, she is the cutest little doglet! I have so many photos of pets and they all make me smile. This cutie is James’ mum’s dog and we frequently steal her for sleepovers. She is perfect company if your feeling a bit blue her energy is just infectious.  
She doesn’t stop which is quite an achievement for a dog that’s 10!

This is a photo of my late uncle David and my little brother Liam. Two of the most favourite men of mine! My uncle was an amazing, intelligent and successful man who was taken away from us way too soon. He doted on us as he didn’t have kids of his own.

I didn’t see him as often as I liked as he lived in New York most of his life but when he did come over you can bet we were spoilt rotten! So here’s him and Liam wearing some very fetching silk jammies.

My last photo  is James again just because he looks so happy eating his cheat day, waffle desert on his birthday. He makes me endlessly happy not just for this post but always 😘

So there you go guys my eight happy photos and a little look into who I spend most of my time with when I’m not on the internet.

I’m going to tag: Carly, Lenka, Kate and Emily.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Any comments, please get in touch. I love hearing from you.

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