Infinity Dreams Award 🌟💫

Hello you lovely lot….

Well huge thank you to Annie; click her name, read the blog, she’s amazing!, for the tag that created this post. I must be doing something right here or not? Or i’m drunk, who cares 🙂 I feel good…

Anyway, here’s how we get started:

So the rules are as easy as 1 2 3 or 5…
  • Thank the person who tagged you for this award
  • give us 11 facts about you.
  • answer 11 questions the blogger who tagged you asked.
  • make 11 questions for the bloggers you going to tag.
  • And tag other bloggers.

1. I love gin, you may have got that reading my bio on twitter. I discovered it when I started attending the Gin Festival in my previous job. It’s amazing! Don’t worry I’m not some sort of of drunken lush (well, maybe a lil bit)

2. I am so clumsy and messy. I could trip over thin air, I think I have once actually. Also, I cannot I repeat cannot go for a meal without spilling something down myself! Hence the name of my blog – never wears white. I sometimes do wear white so that’s a lie but I shouldn’t because I’m always returning home with some bbq sauce on my top or jeans. I’m such a catch haha.

3. I sleep with one arm/hand over my eyes and forehead like a princess or a damsel in distress pose. Weird…

4. I sing Disney songs in my head, ALL THE TIME. I know I’m 27 it’s sad but when is it not the right time to sing ‘I just can’t wait to be king’ ?

5. My favourite place in the whole world is sitting on my sofa with James, really sad I know but all that warm good stuff is delightfully addictive.

6. I love fish and chips and mushy peas. I live near quite a few of coastal towns in Kent, so cold beaches and hot chips. Yum!

7. I have really weird, short eyelashes that stick out straight. I’ve tried everything, curling them, the newest super duper mascara. Nothing works. Ah well.

8. I have really frizzy hair, not cute curly. Frizzy. Like hair bear bunch frizzy. If you are too young to remember this cartoon, google it. It’s ace 🙂

9. I need all the affection all the time, this might sound needy but I promise it’s not. James is used to it now, I am a really affectionate person, even new people get kisses on cheeks and hugs on departure. Don’t be weirded out just embrace it…

10. I love a bath, I could be in there for hours. It’s so relaxing especially after a hard day just shut the door and forget the noise. 

11. I am a bit of a class clown, a day dreamer and all round mess when it comes to life. I don’t concentrate at the best of times, I have my head in the clouds which is probs why I trip over my own feet and I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached with bone, muscle and tissue. Gross. But, in the wise words of a man I started loving 4 years ago. who wants to be normal anyway?

So there you go that’s all about me. Here are the questions from Annie

1. How did you start blogging?

I started when I was at Uni actually I used to write bits and pieces when I was there, then when I left I sort of forgot about it. When I was made redundant a year ago I started up Never Wears White.

2. Who is the most important person in your life?

I should say my mum, but she gets enough credit for me, that’s a joke btw. I would say James, we live together now, starting a whole life together and he totally balances me out. I am a much calmer, thoughtful person since meeting him. Naww, shucks!

3. What music do you listen to?

As mentioned before Disney (cringe) anything and everything really. I have a lot of complilation CD’s in my car (so old school) from old garage to a Magic FM CD. Variety is the spice of life, no?

4. Is there any life advices or tips you have learned in the last year?

Just be you! I think everyone starts out thinking what do people want to/like to read? After a while I spoke to another blogger who just said write what you want, let your personality do the talking and the other stuff writes itself. So she was spot on.

5. What’s your plans for this summer?

Not an awful lot, unfortunately. We are saving to buy a house so any extra pennies are well and truly in the bank. I do have a few weekends away booked and a festival to go to, relive my teens and all that.

6. If you could go anywhere in the world for  a month, where would you go?

I would go to New York! It’s my favourite place in the world, I got to visit a lot when I was younger, my late uncle used to live there.

7. What book are you reading currently or what was the last one you read?

I am currently reading Girl on the Net’s book ‘How A Bad Girl Fell In Love’ She is an awesome feminist and sex blogger. She is amazing, the book is raunchy so not for the prudish but really well written and very emotional.

8. Tell me some funny story from your life.

Well when I was about 15, we were on a school trip in the South of France. We were on like an adventure trip or something, I don’t remember. Anyway me and my best friend were canoeing down the rapids and she was doing all the work I was sunbathing and smoking, looking cool, in the back of the canoe. We tipped over a bit, my fault, I was meant to be the rudder or whatever. We lost all our stuff in the little waterproof caddy, meanwhile our best boy mates were getting involved in some sort of arguement with a French man canoeing next to us. We all capsized washed up with our canoes, soggy cigarettes with a very unimpressed head of year standing over us back at base camp. We were all in stiches and it still makles me smile at the memory today.

9. Is there anyone who inspires you to keep doing what you’re doing? Like blogging or studying for your dream profession!

I think anyone who is doing what they love and following their dreams is an inspiration. Too many to mention here, I do admire someone I started following a long time ago and that’s Meg at Wonderful You

10.What’s your goals for September?

Just to keep on saving with James and building our little life together and to grow my little blog 😁

11. How is 2016 treating you so far?

Really good, I have had a few years where I lost a job, a few close people to me and lost a bit of love for my life. But cheesy as that sounds I’m getting it back. Yay me! 

Phew! If you stuck with my ramblings, go you! 

I’m going to nominate…

Effi @ Sparkleberry

Sophie @ sophee

And Tina @ tisfortina

My questions for you lovely lot are: 

1. What is your favourite item of clothing and why (I don’t judge pj’s are mine)

2. What is your favourite drink?

3. What is your most embarrassing story?

4. Your most favourite place? 

5. What is your life anthem? (Mines, I’m every woman, cheesy)

6. Your favourite photo? 

7. What do you do when you you’re down in the dumps? 

8. The best dream you have ever had? 

9. Dinner party guests?, pick 3 please 😁 

10. What’s your guilty pleasure? 

11. What do you want to achieve by the end of the year? 

Thank yo sooo much for reading you guys…

Comments please. I love reading em’ 

Libby xo 

(The girl who never wears white) 

Day 1- Nature Photography Challenge 🍃🍂

Hey lovelies! 

So Gwennan over at 20SomethingMeltdown nominated my good self to take the 7 day nature photography challenge, you take a look at her post that kicked it off for me, here.

I connected with Gwennan over Twitter, we bonded over bios and I have found some Ahmazzing bloggers through reading her blog and social media. ‘Bringing Bloggers together’ haha.

Im’a jump straight in. This is day one, I will be posting everyday for you lovely lot with a new photo or photos everyday for 7 days. I’m always out and about so hopefully this should come fairly easy for me.

Plus, as I’m away for a couple of days in beauts Pembrokeshire I should be able to get some lovely shots! 

Okay, I’m rambling…. Photo(s) one 

These were taken in the beautiful garden where we are staying in Boncath, Wales. 

Catch me tomorrow for more photos…

Libby xo 

(The girl who never wears white)

High street steals…

I love a good bargain me, so I wanted to share with you 5 make up items I’ve picked up this week for a steal of the century total of £26.00.

I know, amazing! So here we are ladies…

  All of this for 26 quid! 

I know not everyone likes Collection 2000 but the two bits I bought this week are well on par with some MUA and Nars items I have bought and loved, I know I never thought I’d here myself say that. 
The nude bronze palette at £3.99 is lovely, not as big as other pallets I have but it’s great for a small one and has all the tones I love. I’m addicted to nude and bronze colours at the moment. I’m off here, there and everywhere for work so ideal for carry on bags and handbags. 

 The Collection 2000 ‘Gorgeous Glow’ bronzer is a revalation too, it has a gorgeous highlighter included which is super shimmery so you don’t need that much of it, the only criticism I have is the colour isn’t as rich as some bronzer blocks I have had in the past, but you get what you pay for.

  For the money, at £4.19, it’s really something. It covers evenly so it doesn’t streak and the highlighter is worth the whole palette. 
My next two buys were the Rimmel lasting finish 1000 kisses lipliner and Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish lipstick. The lipstick was £5.49 and the Lipliner £2.99. The lipstick is shade 08, I would say it’s on the pink spectrum but comes out a lovely rich, nude tone with the 011 spice lipliner it’s the perfect combo for me.

  The big criticism on this one is that it doesn’t last 8 hours as advertised but it does put up with a lot, I drank wine, ate lunch and licked my lips and it stilled stayed somewhat there. I would defo buy other shades, I’m already eyeing up a brown/bronze shade. 

The last item on my haul is my Wilko make up brushes. These are an absolute dream! Finished in matte black and rose gold they look like the real McCoy and to be honest they work like the real McCoy too. In my 10 or so years love affair with make up these are some of the best brushes I have used AND at £4.00 or so each I think a steal!  

 Sorry scuse’ the dog fur, I couldn’t get her off my lap for this shot! Haha.

The angle on the blusher brush is great for wide strokes and I use just the tip to drag some highlighter across my brow bone or nose. The stippling brush is good for my skin as it really helps getting my foundation looking even (I suffer from large pores- sigh-) 10/10 for these guys, go buy them, thank me later.

That’s me all done for today, I hope you enjoyed my high street steals. If anyone has anything they feel is a steal, please do comment always looking for new make up to try…

You can find me lurking in all the usual corners of the Internet, here, here and here.

Thank you for reading, following and just generally being awesome! 

Libby xoxo

(the girl who never wears white)

Back to work…

I know everyone is doing back to school/uni posts but after being unemployed due to redundancy, I’m finally back to work! Yay me.👏🏼

After 3 months of being out of my routine, I’ve found some things hard to adjust back into so I wanted to write a post on going into a new job and getting back into a routine. Here’s my 5 top tips. 

1. Be prepared to learn. Whether you are starting a new job in a new industry like me or going into a job you are completely experienced in, for me, every job and work place is different. Buy a cute notebook grab some pens and be prepared to take lots of notes. 

2. Get more sleep. Duh?! I know it sounds silly but a change to your routine and learning new stuff all day will take it’s toll on your brain. Treat yourself to some bedtime bits, new pj’s maybe? Myself, I would go for this pillow mist to guarantee a relaxing good nights sleep.


3. Treat yourself. What ever your bliss is, indulge it. Don’t go mad on the plastic but buy something to congratulate yourself I needed some new work wear for the office so I bought a few staples for my work A/W wardrobe. I love my new brogue patent heels from Matalan.


4. Be open to criticism. I know it sounds strange for a positive post but you may get things wrong in your new job or your new routine. I know make a mistake, how could you? Relax, you’re human, so if you do receive criticism take it on the chin and try and improve on it. 

5. Don’t give up things that make you happy. Try and make time for the things you love, for me it’s cooking, I love a home cooked dinner or a well made cake. I might be shattered when I get in but I always try and find the time and energy to make a nice dinner for me and James. Healthy body, healthy mind and all that. 

I hope you liked this post lovelies, have you got a new job or had to go through a change in your routine lately? Let me know, I would love to hear from you. 

Libby xo

(the girl who never wears white)