What I bought this weekend…

So I originally went out to buy some dresses for work and ended up buying a body mist, make up and clothes that are not for work, at all… Ah well we’ve all done it.

Here are my little weekend purchases.

One is the New Look Body Mist in Pure Blush. I’m a big fan of body mists, not a lot of people are but I think they are a good alternative to perfume and a lot lighter for Summer. I’m in two minds about this fragrance on first sniff I really liked it and I think New Look have done really well with the packaging for their fragrance ranges. All rose gold and shimmery pinks which are like, so in at the moment. The smell I think is quite mature lots of woody notes, on first sniff I thought it was citursy but as it dries it turns a lot more musky. This is really good for me as I’m a big fan of scents like Chanel No 1 and Jean Paul Gautier, so deep musky, woody, floral smells are right up my street. Also handy for taking put in my handbag or small over the shoulder bag without carrying around a glass perfume bottle and at only £4.99 it’s a steal.

Second purchase was a Maxi Dress and white Waterfall cardigan from Primark, you can see them on the links. No online shopping yet, damn you Primark!
The cardigan will be perfect with the dress or with just a t shirt and jeans, it’s lovely and light weight – perfect for summer. I have a trip coming up to Chester where we will be out and about so if the weather is good, this maxi dress will defo be coming out to play. The dress was only £13.00 and the cardigan was only £8.00.

Last purchases were some make up of course, obsessed with lips at the moment, so I bought my second tube of Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in Nude Thrill and some Essence Lip Liner in Girl Next Door, my all time fave eyeliner Rimmel Soft Khol Eyeliner in Sable Brown

Even though the vivid matte lipstick doesn’t dry completely matte, I am still so in love with it. Like I said this is my second tube, it is really moisturising and it lasts forever on my lips. The Essence Lip Liner is great as well, not a complete match for the lipstick but it is so soft it blends well and it is really pigmented and thick so acts as a good barrier to stop the lipstick smudging.

Hope you enjoyed my little weekend spree, have you bought anything this weekend you are excited about?

I love reading you’re comments so leave ’em below. Have a wonderful Sunday…

Libby xo

(the girl who never wears white)

7 thoughts on “What I bought this weekend…

  1. Love that dress! It seems so light and summery, and the pattern is so nice.
    Not allowing myself anymore lip products, but it sounds good. Love the little spree. Also love that you did exactly what I do when shopping and ended up without the planned things! xx

    • It is a lovely shade I’ve got dark hair and pale skin and think it suits my tone quite well they do lots of different shades so check them out 🙂 xx

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