My happiness essentials…

They say the essentials to happiness are to have something to do, something to love and something to hope for. Now I have all of these things, sometimes too much to do, too many to love and lots that I hope for but I’ve always taken on too much and I’m blessed to have all of these essentials in my life in abundance.

However, there are other things in my life that are essential to me being happy, you may look at them as materialistic and not all that essential but these are not expensive or extravagant things, just moments or items in my day that I appreciate.

Nice PJ’s IMG_2460

I know it may sound like a weird one but beautiful night wear makes me very happy. There is nothing like getting out of a hot bath, slipping into some wonderful pj’s and getting into your comfy bed. I like silky pj’s but whatever floats  your boat, these are my fave pairs. I’m partial to a cotton pair of pj bottoms once in a while, especially for Netflix and chilling, eating a whole bag of Doritos in silk pyjamas just ain’t the same.

Flowers and Plants

Flowers and house plants make me stupidly happy, I think it might be the faIMG_2456 (1)ct that I can manage to look after something without killing it. I do disclose that some of my potted plants out the front of our flat have died but I don’t accept blame for that one, I blame the plants… The pansies have survived though and are thriving as is my little plant in my living room. I have no idea what the plant is called but its FullSizeRender (3)woody, low maintenance and loves the sun, it grows towards the window! Also I love this little corner of the living room, some books, candles and a nice plant. It’s a good happy place.


Candles, Cuppas and Colouring

Yup all of these things are amazing and make me so happy. Nothing I like more than lighting candles, sitting down with a good cuppa and colouring in my mindfulnessIMG_2459 (3) colouring book. I was so sceptical about colouring, adult colouring… grow up I thought. Buuut I am the converted. It is relaxing and genuinely takes me out of my own head for a bit. I am crushing over my new candle holders and mugs at the moment. Candle holders are from George HoIMG_2458 (1)me @ Asda and the mug is from Morrison’s and came as part of a cute 4 pack set. Colouring book is from WHSmiths as are the pens.

Bath Bombs

Yes, I know… We all love lush bath bombs! Or maybe you don’t. These little bad boys make for a one happy lady in this household. I don’t buy them all that often as sometimes Lush is a bit of a luxury when you are on a budget so I IMG_2457 (2)save these for particularly hard days. These are essential to happiness in my book because who doesn’t love something that fizzes when you drop it in water? These two are HoneyBee and Fizzbanger two of my favourites, Fizzbanger is always a must, ylang ylang is my favourite smell in the world.

So there you go lovelies, my happiness essentials. Anything you find essential to your day to day happiness? Leave me a comment. I love reading them!

Libby xo

(the girl who never wears white)

10 thoughts on “My happiness essentials…

  1. LOVE this. Loving yourself doesn’t require fancy things and most definitely don’t have to be expensive. I love this because it portrays the simple joys that we may overlook just by being too busy. I personally do Self-Care Sundays, a day where I do something intentionally to remind myself that I love me. Sometimes it’s just as simple as a bath 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Ah thank you! It was a good post to write reminds of little things that bring me joy. Love the idea of self care Sunday! Thank you for reading! Xxx

  2. Completely with you on all of it! Except colouring, I haven’t tried it yet and don’t think it’s for me.
    Pjs are the best, I love cotton trousers but really want some cuter ones so I can pretend I’m not always a slob!
    I love fresh flowers, they make me feel like I’ve got it together!
    This is a cute post! xx

    • Thank you lovely! Enjoyed writing it! Yeah I do loves slobbing around in my cotton ones too silky ones are just for luxury thanks for reading xx

  3. A great idea for a post. Might have to try that colouring lark. Kyle’s not interested so someone in the house has got to do some colouring lol xxx

    • Thanks for reading! Yeah all these things make me really happy, I love big house plants feel like they keep the air clean in my little flat! Lol xxx

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