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Well what a success! Yesterday I went to my first blogger meet up and as nervous as I was I don’t think it could have gone better. When I saw the tweets from Sarah at ItsSarahAnn about a blogger picnic that was being organised in London’s Hyde Park, I jumped at the chance to attend. The fact that some of my other favourite bloggers were organising it and attending sealed the deal for me.

As I arrived I could see the cute bunting and blankets and knew I had to be in the right place, as I wandered over, I was greeted by a host of smiling faces that I recognised immediately from Twitter and the Blogesphere. There was an amazing selection of food, along with some of my mini calzones I had prepared the night before.

The picnic had the cutest touches from handwritten signs to bursting at the seams goody bags. So many brands had been involved and it showed how hard all of the girls had worked to pull this event together.

IMG_2498IMG_2497IMG_2499 (1)

The delicious grub that was provided by Benugo looked amazing and I didn’t waste any time getting stuck in. As well as all of the other treats supplied by us bloggers by the end of the day I was fit to burst.

Other yummy goodies were provided from Ritz, Oreo, Vita Coco, Mikado and many more, we were never short of something to drink or nibble on.

Gorgeous flowers from Bloom and Wild, decorations from Talking Tables, comfy blankets to sit on from Hamman Havlu and the most darling bunting from Interior goods, supplied us with the most pinterest worthy picnic surroundings.


Annnd to top it all off I won some delicious Chocolate from Lily O’Briens in the raffle prize. How perfect!

It was such a lovely day and looked like it was enjoyed by all, I was so grateful to meet some of the people who I read, speak to and interact with in person and smiled all the way home looking through my amazing goody bag.

Big shout out to the girls who were behind organising this event, Sarah, Gwennan, Hannah, Mel, Nina and Effi. Amazing artwork and gifts by Gwennan and Effi in IMG_2492the goody bags. So many other brands to mention, there is a piccy below of the brands and their contact details if you do fancy a nosy!





Phew! There were a lot of people to mention in this post, I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. Like I said, amazing first meet up experience and it has definitely given me confidence to go to more.

Let me know your experience of blogger meet up’s, I love reading your comments.

Right, we’re off to see the new Ricky Gervais movie and to enjoy the rest of this sunny Sunday…

Libby xo

(the girl who never wears white)

14 thoughts on “My first blogger meet up – BloggerPitP

  1. I LOVED seeing you like honestly you were one of the people I wanted to meet most. Proper fangirling :’) Also now I’ve met you I can read all your tweets in your accent :’) Thanks for such a gorgeous review cute thing! xx

    • Me too! Was so excited to meet you if was unreal! Haha oh please, I sound like a chavvy Adele if she could get more common haha. No problem you all did so well, thank you for hosting an amazing event! Xxxx

  2. So jealous, it looked amazing! I’ve completely stalked it on Twitter and Instagram (as I’m sure you know!). I cannot wait until there’s another as I can’t handle that fomo again! I’m glad you had a good time and with such great people for a first meet up. My first meet was a poker game, so that broke the ice a bit, but I was so nervous turning up not knowing anyone. Tina xx

    • Ah it was really lovely, poker sounds really good to break the ice. Thank you for reading babes! Defo have to organise something else so we can finally meet! Xxx

  3. I don’t have any blogger meet up experiences sadly!
    Haha but this looked amazing, it must be great to meet and speak with other bloggers!
    I am curious as of to how you can get involved in blogger meet ups? xx

    • I met these guys though interacting in chats on twitter it’s a great way to talk and meet other bloggers xx

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