Finding my blogging balance…

Afternoon you lovely lot…

Today I wanted to share with you how I found my blogging balance. I am by no means an expert and always feel myself running out of time for EVERYTHING. However I do have a full time job, 9-5 in an office as well as running this blog, looking after a home and having a relationship with James (he will crop up in posts here and there)

It took me ages to find how to balance my home life and work life as well as my blogging life. I try to combine the three as much as I can without one taking over. You never know maybe one day, blogging life might be work life full time as well. One can dream…

I try and conquer as much as I can with social media stuff in real time, I prefer Twitter and Instagram when I’m actually able to respond and talk about my day as I go. I don’t really like scheduling tweets as I find it a little synthetic, I do use Buffer if I want to schedule tweets but I very rarely do it. How do I keep up with social media then I hear you ask?

Truth is, I don’t! I know that sounds really bad but I use Twitter on my breaks at work, at night I am on it ALL THE TIME. I am really lucky to have a tech minded boyfriend as he is always on his computer too. We don’t use our phones during dinner and we will sit down and watch tele or a film together at home without any phones in our hand. Also we have date nights or weekends away with no social media contact. We DO have time together where the internet isn’t totally distracting us.

I don’t have a Facebook account for my blog and haven’t quite made the jump to posting my bloggy world on my personal Facebook mainly because I don’t want to annoy friends on there, although I know most of them would be really supportive. With Instagram, I snap as I go, I don’t have a theme (I’m too fly by the seat of my pants for that) don’t get me wrong I would lovvveee to keep up with a theme for it but I’m too lazy and not that much of a photographer.

I also write on the day I post sometimes, when I have the time. Although I do schedule posts and I write most of them in the evening or at the weekend, my blog balance with work is really important to me but I do find myself thinking about post ideas while I am sitting at my desk. I always have a note book or my phone to make notes on, if inspiration hits while I am sorting out boiler spares for an engineer. I work for a boiler company, just so that last sentence makes sense…

Here’s a real time photo of me writing this post. I just wanted to add this photo because I love my new mugs and knitted blanket 🙂

FullSizeRender (1)
I think I have just decided to be really Zen about balancing work and my blog.

That e-mail can wait until you get home and you don’t have to constantly be in full blown blogger mode all the time. Don’t feel like writing tonight? Dont! Your blog and work will still be there tomorrow, so just take a little ‘you’ time, go run a bath and actually enjoy your lush bath bomb instead of taking a picture of it or videoing it fizzing away.

On work days I decide that I will take a break at 10am, get a cuppa and send a couple of tweets or reply to an email, I also get a lunch hour and a break at 3. So plenty of time for me to catch up on what’s been going on in the corners of the internet where I like to lurk 🙂 That makes me sound like Golem from Lord Of The Rings, I’m not Golem, I have much better hair for a start…

I think in the end you have to decide how important each aspect of your life is to you, work is really important to me as is my blog and I just find the time in my day to contribute to it. Bit by bit I’m slowly getting there and I feel like I am finally making myself happy with it rather than beating myself up with not spending enough thinking about both.

Have that glass of wine or whatever is your vice and spend a couple of hours with your phone on silent and plant your work brain firmly back in the office.

I know people say ‘You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce’ but it would be a hell of a lot easier for us all if we had her help, make up artists, maids, personal trainers, PA, nanny and god knows what else, so give yourself a break. I know I do.

I would love to read your comments on how you find balance in your life? I love reading them…

Libby xo

(the girl who never wears white)

4 thoughts on “Finding my blogging balance…

  1. I know what you mean! I’ve been finding the balance between work and blogging difficult lately, so this post came at the perfect time. I find I want to blog while at work as get ideas, then by the time I finish work, I want to stay away from the computer! I’m starting to set aside some time rather than just doing it as and when to see if that works.

    I always think I’m too relaxed (I never schedule posts!) and could do better, but this has made me feel a bit better. All for that zen life!

    Tina x

    • Thank you for reading lovely! I know what you mean I find it hard to fit everything in and defo don’t feel like having any screen time when I get in sometimes! I think I have finally found my zen and defo not to hard on myself! Thanks again for reading

  2. Great post with some great tips. Finding the right balance between work, blogging and family is always difficult, it sounds as though you’ve found a routine that works best for you. I also find it difficult to stick to a theme on Instagram.
    Sharon x

    • Thank you for reading Hun! Yeah I have off weeks got a block at the moment but there you go! No way I can stick to a theme I just take pics of what I like xx

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