Day 7 – Nature Photography Challenge 🌳☀️

Hiya you lovely lot, so welcome to my last day of the nature photography challenge. 

Once again big shout out to 20somethingmeltdown who nominated me, I have had really good fun with this tag. 

My last photo’s are of one of my favourite walks near where and James and I live. These trails in the fields near us lead right up to a lovley pub where we often have lunch in the summer.

So here you go, two of my fave snaps from my favourite summer walk…

Thank you for keeping with me through these 7 days, I hope you enjoyed all of my photos.
Let me know what you thought of this tag. 

I’m going to nominate -Eleanor from Eleanor May and Mel from Raise the Waves because they both take awesome pictures of their cute dogs. Excited to see what you guys do with this 😁

Libby xo

(The girl who never wears white)

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Nature Photography Challenge 🌳☀️

  1. Feel like I should have commented on this ages ago but once again Twitter got the better of me (is it only me that tweets people instead of blog commenting?).

    Thanks so much for such lovely (and hilarious) paragraphs on me and for taking part in the tag, I knew I’d love whatever you posted!

    Glad you enjoyed!


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