A Night Out In Canterbury

So what’s better than beer and Mexican food? Beer, Mexican food and a great view?

We had the best night out in Canterbury this weekend. It was James’ birthday on Thursday so we wanted a nice date night out, with the little one dropped off at nanny’s we hopped off down to Canterbury, which is only a 45 minute drive from us. We haven’t been there since Erin was born so it was nice to re visit.

Standard parent night off protocol is dinner and a film so I booked a table at Cafe Des Amis. I had heard that this place served the best Mexican food for miles around and that getting a table by walking in was a no no, unless you wanted to eat later. It mixes Mexican cuisine with Mediterranean flavours so you end up with things like duck tacos alongside classic fajitas and dishes alike but with lots of fire, which is right up my street. Also Orlando Bloom is a massive fan of this eatery in his home town and if you cant trust a pirate…. who can you trust.

The restaurant is small but very warm and it has the most incredible view of the River Stour gardens and the West Gate towers. We were seated by the window which was perfect as we could look out onto the gardens.





I had beer. Standard. James had a soft drink as he was driving and he’s not a drinker really anyway so more for me. We started of with the nachos which we perfectly cooked served with sharp strong cheese, sour cream, their homemade salsa and spring onions.

We then moved onto the chicken fajitas, which were gorgeous. Succulent chunks of chicken, marinated with garlic, lime and oregano cooked with a chilpotle butter. The tortillas were soft and the sizzling dish was served with a serving platter or different accompaniments, including their homemade salsa and guacamole which is all made fresh everyday in-house. We had the churros to end with of course, because cinnamon doughnuts and melted chocolate are always a winner. Ermmm I didnt get a picture of them as they kind of got eaten before I remembered to take a picture.

Along with the food they serve lots of cocktails and frozen cocktails which would be a really fun start to a girls night I think. (already mentally planning a girls night out)

After dinner we went to watch a film at the lovely Curzon Cinema. With it’s small cosier feel and double sofa seats, it’s the perfect date night destination.

We watched Atomic Blonde, we both actually really enjoyed it, the 80’s music soundtrack and cool fight scenes make for a decent spy film. Plus look at the cool, insta worthy interior. It was worth a visit just for that!

Defo check out these cool spots if you are off to this historical spot. Have you been on any decent nights out lately? Taking recommendations for more date night destinations.

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