A Little Life Update…

Well hello there…

It’s been a while…

So I have been slacking on the blog front and I just wanted to share a few life updates to anyone that is reading, that I am going to get back on it and hopefully start writing more, posting more or maybe just generally rambling more because blogging makes me happy and I love talking to other bloggers and even though there has been a bit of negativity about it all on Twitter especially, I still feel like it can be a great space for your own voice on the internet, a great way to meet new friends and a massive venting opportunity- should you need one ( I know I do every now and then)


So what’s going on with me… WELL my maternity leave is officially at an end, sad face. Although massive giant grin happy face, I am starting a new job which I am really REALLY excited about and will hopefully get to share snippets of with you. So basically I am going to be selling glitter, I’ll be handing a lot of social media stuff and marketing stuff but yeah glitter… dream. So much excite on that front.

I have found a nursery for Erin to go to on a couple of the mornings and grandparents are helping us out with childcare – which actually allows me to even be able to work – so big up to the g-rents. I will only be working three days a week, which means I still get to spend time with my little love, lots of lazy morning cuddles and mummy – Erin days out so all in all, I am hoping work/child/life/blogging will all sort of slot in to place… fingers crossed.

Baby Life

Nearly 9 months ago our lives were completely turned upside down – in the best possible way – by our little Erin. Honestly not just saying this because she is mine but I couldn’t have asked for a better baby, she has been content and happy throughout and of course we have our sleepless nights or teething traumas or food being dumped in my hair at 7 o clock in the morning, I still wouldn’t change it for the world. 

I didn’t share a lot of pregnancy/birth stuff on the blog because in all honesty the process completely knackered me out. I just wanted to focus on this new wrinkly member of our family and get used to fact that she was here in our house, relying on us to look after her and keep her alive, I didn’t really process the fact she was here and I kind of forgot everything else going on in my life.

So I guess the update there is yeah, she’s alive – yay go us – happy, healthy, weaning, cutting her first tooth and off to nursery on Tuesday. James and I were discussing last night how it still blows our minds that she is ours and he made a good point by saying ‘She doesn’t find it weird, we are just her mum and dad and that’s all she knows’

On that point – any other blogging mums out there who ever want to chat about baby stuff – worries – life. Slide into my inbox. Always here for a natter and I would like some mum shape shoulders to lean on when stuff gets tough.

House Hunting

Well not much of an update, we are still hunting and it makes my brain just go urgghhhhhhhh.
It is SO hard to find a property in our area, in a decent budget, in a decent area. We have our mortgage approved so that’s good news, we did pull out of a sale due to a massive 10 year road work development that would have been happening basically outside of our front door. so sadly we had to say goodbye to that one as we both agreed we wouldn’t want to live near a building site. So the hunt goes on and I am sure we will get there.

Hope you enjoyed some of the family photos, I have dotted around the post.

Libby xo

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