FrezyDerm Skincare

For the last month or so I have been trying out a couple of FrezyDerm skincare products. FrezyDerm are cosmetic company who specialise in different areas of skin problems from rosacea to eczema. They aleo specialise in body care, oral … Continue reading

Post-patum hair loss…

It’s not a pretty subject or one I thought I would write about but going through some hair loss after giving birth and seeing how many women suffer with it, I thought why not. I’ve been losing chunks of hair … Continue reading

April Blogger Beauty Box…

If this doesn’t cheer you up on a Monday nothing will, look at all of these gorgeous products.

I know, I know I’m slacking. Only just getting round to writing about my April Blogger Beauty Box but it was worth me waiting and trying some of these lovely bits.

The full size products I received were: 

TOTM time of the month, organic cotton tampons. I was so pleased with these, I really had never thought of having organic tampons and I never though of how much stuff they put on my usual tampons, like bleach? Ergh!

I haven’t had chance to use them yet, thank god, but I am really intrigued. I love the fact they are organic, hypo allergenic and biodegradable. All plus points to me.

Next up was the Tropic, Sun Drops. It contains wonderful natural ingredients like passion fruit extract and vitamin e. I have used this twice now, mixing two or three drops into my normal moisturiser. I have started to see a bit of a difference, my skin defo has a new glow to it. 

Third up is the Witch, daily primer & clearing serum. I must admit I have used this product before but I was overjoyed with receiving it in this box as it reminded me why I used to use it. 

Which hazel and vitamin b loves my skin and my skin loves it right back! 

The last full size product in this beautiful box is 1001 Remedies, Magic Skin. The ingredients in this repair gel are meant to soothe, cool and act as an anti-inflammatory. 

You use it locally on the skin, apply it to imperfections and it claims to regenerate the skin. I am using from tonight and hoping it will reduce my blemishes and some of my redness. I’ll keep you posted… 

The sample sized products I received were: 

Make up geek, blush pan in Infactuation. I love  this shade it gives me a great sun kissed glow, it matches my skin tone okay it would usually be a bit dark for me but as I am self tanning all the time at the mo it is a good shade. 

Next was the MeruMaya Mud Marvels Mask, with activated charcoal it is meant to extract toxins and deep cleanse your skin. I used this last night and it left my skin feeling smoother and brighter. 

The texture is great and I will defo be purchasing a full sized bottle. 

Last up is the Become Maya styling hair cremé, this sample of gold dust is gorgeous. It feels so silky smooth I can’t wait to try it on my hair.

I have an exhibition and dinner/drinks on Wednesday in London where I will be curling my hair so I will see if it can tame my frizz then! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about this Beauty Blogger box as much as I enjoyed receiving it.

You can find all of the products by clicking the links.

Why not try a blogger beauty box yourself, I know I will be re-purchasing! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave your comments, I love reading them 😊

Libby xo 

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Almost there, Clinique setting powder…

Happy Sunday you gorgeous lot! 

So lately I have been really suffering with my make up clogging up my skin, my face is much more oily than usual and I think it’s something to do with a hormone change but that’s another story.

During a work trip to Scotland I purchased Clinique’s almost powder make up. I had heard that it was super lightweight with an spf and oil free. Tick, tick, tick! 

I paid £22.50 for this at duty free but Clinique is available on most department store make up counters. This is the compact with the brush not the foam round which I much prefer. That’s just my preference, I think a brush distributes better on my skin. 

I love the packaging it feels much more luxurious than the £22 I paid for it. The coverage is good, very natural so it doesn’t cover every blemish but it’s lightweight which is what I wanted. 
The colour is 02 neutral fair, it’s also, as I said Spf 15 which is a bonus for me. It says on the back of the packaging that it is oil free and contains antioxidants, how true that is I don’t know. I can overlook the fact I might have to re apply half way through the day because, look how cute that brush is! 
I defo rate this powder and I am finding it much better for skin than my usual Rimmel powder, my skin is less clogged and generally feels less ‘heavy’ if that makes sense.

I would give it an 8/10 and I would really recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to wear a lot of make up on a day to day basis. 

Anyone else got suggestions for light weight powder make up? I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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High street steals…

I love a good bargain me, so I wanted to share with you 5 make up items I’ve picked up this week for a steal of the century total of £26.00.

I know, amazing! So here we are ladies…

  All of this for 26 quid! 

I know not everyone likes Collection 2000 but the two bits I bought this week are well on par with some MUA and Nars items I have bought and loved, I know I never thought I’d here myself say that. 
The nude bronze palette at £3.99 is lovely, not as big as other pallets I have but it’s great for a small one and has all the tones I love. I’m addicted to nude and bronze colours at the moment. I’m off here, there and everywhere for work so ideal for carry on bags and handbags. 

 The Collection 2000 ‘Gorgeous Glow’ bronzer is a revalation too, it has a gorgeous highlighter included which is super shimmery so you don’t need that much of it, the only criticism I have is the colour isn’t as rich as some bronzer blocks I have had in the past, but you get what you pay for.

  For the money, at £4.19, it’s really something. It covers evenly so it doesn’t streak and the highlighter is worth the whole palette. 
My next two buys were the Rimmel lasting finish 1000 kisses lipliner and Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish lipstick. The lipstick was £5.49 and the Lipliner £2.99. The lipstick is shade 08, I would say it’s on the pink spectrum but comes out a lovely rich, nude tone with the 011 spice lipliner it’s the perfect combo for me.

  The big criticism on this one is that it doesn’t last 8 hours as advertised but it does put up with a lot, I drank wine, ate lunch and licked my lips and it stilled stayed somewhat there. I would defo buy other shades, I’m already eyeing up a brown/bronze shade. 

The last item on my haul is my Wilko make up brushes. These are an absolute dream! Finished in matte black and rose gold they look like the real McCoy and to be honest they work like the real McCoy too. In my 10 or so years love affair with make up these are some of the best brushes I have used AND at £4.00 or so each I think a steal!  

 Sorry scuse’ the dog fur, I couldn’t get her off my lap for this shot! Haha.

The angle on the blusher brush is great for wide strokes and I use just the tip to drag some highlighter across my brow bone or nose. The stippling brush is good for my skin as it really helps getting my foundation looking even (I suffer from large pores- sigh-) 10/10 for these guys, go buy them, thank me later.

That’s me all done for today, I hope you enjoyed my high street steals. If anyone has anything they feel is a steal, please do comment always looking for new make up to try…

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