Post-patum hair loss…

It’s not a pretty subject or one I thought I would write about but going through some hair loss after giving birth and seeing how many women suffer with it, I thought why not.

I’ve been losing chunks of hair since Erin was 3 months old, I dont just mean a few strands, you could make a wig from what is in my plughole, bed, carpet… bra

From doing some research I have found that this sort of hair loss is quite common between 3-6 months post partum. 

At first I completely freaked out and it does still get me down that every time I touch my hair I’m losing handfuls of the stuff. 

Hair loss as I said is pretty common in this period after you have had a baby so just when you think your body is getting back to normal.. bam your hair starts falling out. 

Your hair, when you’re pregnant goes through a resting phase so you’re hair looks amazing and thick and luscious. People are commenting on how shiny it is… in most cases mine was awful and dull. But hey ho… 

So when your hormones are getting back to normal, you have typically had a period by now or gone through your cycle, however your body works, and your hair starts a re grow. This means hair will fall out and then re grow your ‘normal’ hair not your special pregnancy hair. 

Of course, if you are worried or losing more than you think is ‘normal’ please do speak to your GP. 

Here are some pictures of mine, it may not look that bad and these are completely unedited but to me its devastating for someone who has always had really thick hair. 

So I have started to do something to make myself feel better about it. I have treated myself to a hair mask, taking post-natel vitamins- which I’ve been rubbish at taking, not using heat products on my hair where I can help it and brushing it. 

I know that sounds simple but when you are a new mum you forget to do all these things and even simple things like brush your hair. You’re too concerned with everything else… what was that noise she made, is that sick? Is it poo? is she still breathing, oh god I’ve been in the shower for 2 seconds is she still alive? And so on and so on….. 

You can’t help it you are now a neurotic mess. Welcome to motherhood… 

Any other new mums suffering from post-partum hair loss? 

I love to hear from you...