Get your glow on…

Summer is approaching, hooray!

Ladies across the U.K. start your winter wardrobe/cosmetic clear out now. 

As soon as there is a hint of sunshine, which we have kind of already been blessed with in Kent, I start thinking summer skin. 

So top of my list this week was a gradual tan and a BB cream. I’m not a big fan of sunbeds, my skin is too sensitive, so I go off on a search to get my glow on every year. 

This week I purchased the new Dove ‘Derma Spa Summer Revived’ and Rimmel’s ‘Radiance BB cream’ 

Just the names of these products filled me with hope…

  I’m generally a big fan of Dove products they smell good, moisturise well and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Check, check and check! This was on offer in Boots at the weekend when I bought it, for the bargain price of £3.49. I know, I can’t believe it either.

It smells as expected, good. A musky flowery smell, not like biscuits that I have come to know of most tanning agents. The colour is a soft gold/cream/pink. It rubs in well and drys really quickly which is, if your like me and always in a rush, fantastic. 

As always with self tanning, please exfoliate! You will end up with darker patches on your dry skin otherwise. 

That’s only negative I have is that I have quite open pores which the tan is setting in but nothing a bit of dry skin buffing and extra moisturiser can’t fix. All in all I think it’s a good buy. Pictured below my arm and hand, my knuckles have no tan on so you can see that difference and this was after two applications. 

  The second gorgeous glowing buy was Rimmel’s Radiance BB cream again at a really good price of £6.99.
In the summer I tend to do away with my really heavy foundation and powders and go for something light.

I mix a little BB cream with a bit of my Clinque Foundation, you can read that review here, to get a good even coverage. I have a fairly uneven skin tone and this BB cream balances me out completely. It cover blemishes really well and mixes and blends into the skin nicely. 

  It gives my skin a dewy look, really fresh and not claggy at all. It doesn’t settle in the large pores on my nose and on the tops of my cheeks which is a bonus. I have worn it for a couple of days at work and it has lasted through all of my stupid face touching, forehead rubbing and generally pulling silly faces say at my desk. I’m a bit of a class clown! 

I haven’t got a bad word to say about this, it’s a good price so I wouldn’t mind buying tubes and tubes of it.  

What are your first skin care/make up buys of the season, let me know! I’m always on the hunt. 

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