FrezyDerm Skincare

For the last month or so I have been trying out a couple of FrezyDerm skincare products. FrezyDerm are cosmetic company who specialise in different areas of skin problems from rosacea to eczema. They aleo specialise in body care, oral care, hair care and do a range of baby products – handy considering I have a 6 month old.

I spoke to a lovely lady who asked me about problems with my skin and while I have no major complaints. My skin has just felt off since giving birth and my once tried and tested skincare routine – make up wipes and a quick wash – was no longer working for me. 

I was sent the Mild Wash Cleansing Liquid and the Moisturizing 24H Cream. I was advised to use them morning and night and while I usually find skincare routine boring AS F. I thought I’ll stick to it.

The cleansing liquid is really light and foamy, smells super clean and you only need a pea sized amount to cover all of your face and neck, which means it will last a good long while. It has started leaving my skin with a clean, tight feeling and although a little dry. If I apply the moisturzer after this combats that feeling. At £10.00 its a bargain and feels a lot less fussy than other top end brands. Simple, clean smelling and feeling skincare is something I’m definitely here for. 

The 24H cream as it says can be used anytime of day. I have been using it straight after washing my face and I feel like I should have a toner but it does it all hydrates and tones. Another bonus is, is that it isn’t oily and sinks into the skin pretty easy. The only negative I have is that it doesn’t go too far, so I have to use quite a bit to cover my face and neck. 

All in all I would definitely buy these products and recommend them and they feel a good start for my grown up skincare routine. 

Anyone else an ex make up wipe addict? 

I love to hear from you...