Crazy for Coconut Lane

Hello lovelys! 

Lately I’ve been on a bit of a Twitter rampage, you’ve all been there, don’t lie to me now…

I been on it 24/7 much to the delight of everyone around me! In the midst of my following, tweeting, re-tweeting and liking I  came across a company called Coconut Lane.

Well I pretty much fell head over heels with all of their stuff and decided I would have a little shop around. One thing led to another and I found myself becoming a coconut queen, click the link and you can read all about it. 

Eeeks I was excited all kind of dancing around while I received my first parcel, with shouts to James of ‘I’ll get the dooorrrr it’s for meeeee’ 

I opened my parcel, wrapped in gorgeous pink paper, which felt very special, and took a peak at all of my goodies. 

I’ve added these lovely bits to my life, from left to right, the bar ring, the cool pineapple socks, the marble double layer necklace, the LUXE gold marble phone case and the Whirl notebook.

I was so pleased with the quality of all of the pieces especially the jewellery. It felt really beautiful on and wasn’t too gold if that makes sense sometimes costume jewellery can look a bit brassy, which this doesn’t at all. 

The bar ring is re sizeable so I’m wearing it on my thumb which looks really cute. It’s so comfortable which is always a bonus for rings for me as I can get annoyed at them catching on clothing. 

The phone case is gorgeous, it’s a hard case so perfect to keep my iPhone 6 Plus sturdy and it’s finished to such a high standard. Defo will be buying more of these.

The notebook is lovely, the quality of the paper is nice and thick and it’s left blank so you can doodle or write whatever you please in it. 

The socks are trainer socks, which for me are perfect for the time of year super cool but discreet under my converse or vans. 

So that’s my little love in with Coconut lane, I’m a women obsessed and will be back to them very soon I’m sure. 

Oh and because they are absolute babes, they gave me a discount for my lovely readers, followers and all round fab people that are in my life to use. 

Just enter the code NWW20, at checkout to recieve 20% off off your order. I know, amazing right? 

Follow the COCONUT LANE  😁

Anyone else lovers of the lane? Or want some tips on what to buy? Holla at me…

Libby xo

(The girl who never wears white)

Mini bank holiday haul

Happy bank holiday! So excited for this to be my first post on my own domain and on my shiney new blog design.

Today I wanted to share with you my little haul I had this weekend. 

I have a bbq and drinks to go to today so while I was out and about this weekend I picked up some new summery shoes and a cute, folksy white top.

I seem to see these tops EVERYWHERE, at the moment. This embroided style blouse from  the Falmer Heritage collection at Matalan is gorgeous. At at £20 it’s an absolute steal. 

I’m just going to pair this top with some simple rose gold jewellery, my Olivia Burton watch (you can see it on my Instagram) and the chunky white shoes pictured above, also from Matalan. 

These shoes are going to be my new fave, I can already tell. Again at only £20 I am thrilled with them. I’m sure they are going to be really comfy, for a day filled with non stop dancing and gin drinking. 

Last in my haul are two hair products, if anyone has met me or flicked through my pictures you can see I have an insane amount of hair. 

Trying to maintain it, is a full time job. I’m going to straighten and curl the ends of my hair for the party. So first of all I will be prepping my roots with some of this new Elvive Clay Dry Shampoo. It makes my hair tacky enough to get some oomph into and curl it nicely.

It’s not the cheapest by any means at £3.99 but the smell is to die for, most dry shampoos smell quite chemical but this is flowery and musky. Which is right up my street. 

Before I apply any heat styling to my hair, I will give it a once over with a product I have used time and time again Vo5 Smoothly Does It, Tame & Shine spray.

This for me is a god send, smooths down my flyaways while protecting my hair from heat styling. It also gives my barnet a really nice sheen without leaving lots of residue.

There you are, that’s my mini bank holiday haul. 

Please comment and let me know anything that you’ve picked up this weekend that you are excited about…

Libby xo

(The girl who never wears white)