5 tips for living with your S.O…

God love him….

He is an angel sometimes. No, I really mean it! Don’t get me wrong I bring my own qualities to the party. I’m loving, caring, patient, homely, attentive. Modest lol.

However I can be a NIGHTMARE to live with. 

I moved in with James about 6 months ago now and we have been together nearly 5 years. It’s a long time I hear you say? 

Yes it is but living together is a whole other ball game. For someone who is/was so fiercely independent as I, it’s been a bit of a learning curve! 

Here’s my ten tips to avoid arguments (which we have had plenty of) and to live in peace or at least until he leaves his socks on the floor… Again. Here’s us 😍  


1. Let him have his space. So he wants to sit on the computer all night or play video games. Before you arrived sister he was doing it 24:7 so let him have his 2 nights a week or whatever. Don’t feel neglected and trust me I have have said (loudly) when I am feeling like I would have been better off if I was the shape of a screen with boobs. 
2. Be patient! We all have to compromise, he may not want to watch what you want and I may feel like it takes him a bloody age to do the washing up. But at least he’s doing it right? Lol. My own paitence is really tested when we are getting ready to go out and he sits with one sock on for 15 minutes until he can muster up the energy to put the other one on! Bahhhh! 

3. Remain independent. Do not, I repeat, do not spend all your time in your new abode together and forget about the outside world. It’ll drive you nuts! Keep your own friends it has worked for me, I still see my friends a lot and these aren’t mutual friends these are mine. One on one girly time, it keeps me sane. James has his own vices the gym, cars and so on and he also still has friends that are only his. 

4. Manage your mood. Okay easier said than done but I can turn full psycho bitch over something as simple as a bin! Long story…. I do however understand that sometimes I let the little things grab hold of me and my mood affects the whole atmosphere of our little household. Go for a drive, works for me, have a bath alone with the door shut, go to bed on your own a bit earlier and watch some trash while he is still up, get your starfish on girl! Now I’m not saying everyone is like me but if your having a bad day recognise it, own it and I’m sure he/she will do the same for you and say ‘I’m sorry I’m being moody, I’m having a bad day’ that’s all it’ll take to diffuse it half the time. 

5. Finally, be kind to each other. Duh? I know sounds silly but you get so used to living together you forget to do the little things for each other you once did. For me it really doesn’t take a lot romance in my eyes is doing the washing up and putting away and telling me to have a nice hot bath and relax! I might buy him his favourite dinner or recognise he is running low on socks it doesn’t take much to show your S.O you are thinking of them. 

So there it is, my tips on living with your S.O. Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Any advice, tips or opinions are always gratefully received trust me lol. 

Libby xoxo

(The girl who never wears white)