How do you like your coffee in the morning…

I like mine in a face scrub! Word up guys this stuff is AMAZING! 

I first saw this product from someone I follow on Instagram, had a nosy around the Bean Burst website and I thought this looks like a bit of me. An all natural scrub made predominantly from coffee seed powder.

I can’t use anything with too much perfume in or what I call ‘fake’ ingrediants so this looked perfect.  At £15 for 200g I think it’s great value for money. 


The first ingrediant is coffee- naturally, then pink Himalayan salt followed by various natural oils. This is the grapefruit mix so the grapefruit oil gives it a great smell. It does smell heavily of coffee on a first whiff which I LOVE but if your not into coffee then it might not be your thing.

The texture is coarse which is what I would expect from a good face scrub, I can’t stand scrubs that ‘fall apart’ as soon as you get them wet! 

Bonus! You don’t just have to use it on your face, you can use it all over. Apparently it works a treat for cellulite and stretch marks too. You can read here how each oil benefits your skin. 

To use it, first, I got my skin quite wet and took a small handful. Spilt the mix between my hands and just started working over my face and neck in circular motions. You can wash it straight off but I left mine on for 5 minutes while I made a cuppa. 

I rinsed off and towel dried as recommended. Voila silky smooth skin! Redness in my cheeks was reduced and the dry patches of skin round my nose now feel super moisturised. 

I’m just off to buy the other two blends, orange and peppermint. All in all a massive 10/10



Let me know what you think if you have tried it lovelys and if you have any scrubs that you are really impressed by. 

Libby xo

(The girl who never wears white)