Back to work…

I know everyone is doing back to school/uni posts but after being unemployed due to redundancy, I’m finally back to work! Yay me.👏🏼

After 3 months of being out of my routine, I’ve found some things hard to adjust back into so I wanted to write a post on going into a new job and getting back into a routine. Here’s my 5 top tips. 

1. Be prepared to learn. Whether you are starting a new job in a new industry like me or going into a job you are completely experienced in, for me, every job and work place is different. Buy a cute notebook grab some pens and be prepared to take lots of notes. 

2. Get more sleep. Duh?! I know it sounds silly but a change to your routine and learning new stuff all day will take it’s toll on your brain. Treat yourself to some bedtime bits, new pj’s maybe? Myself, I would go for this pillow mist to guarantee a relaxing good nights sleep.


3. Treat yourself. What ever your bliss is, indulge it. Don’t go mad on the plastic but buy something to congratulate yourself I needed some new work wear for the office so I bought a few staples for my work A/W wardrobe. I love my new brogue patent heels from Matalan.


4. Be open to criticism. I know it sounds strange for a positive post but you may get things wrong in your new job or your new routine. I know make a mistake, how could you? Relax, you’re human, so if you do receive criticism take it on the chin and try and improve on it. 

5. Don’t give up things that make you happy. Try and make time for the things you love, for me it’s cooking, I love a home cooked dinner or a well made cake. I might be shattered when I get in but I always try and find the time and energy to make a nice dinner for me and James. Healthy body, healthy mind and all that. 

I hope you liked this post lovelies, have you got a new job or had to go through a change in your routine lately? Let me know, I would love to hear from you. 

Libby xo

(the girl who never wears white)