So you’ve been made redundant…

If it’s ever happened to you, you may know it’s one of the worst feelings. You suddenly feel useless, like there is something wrong with you. We’re my skills not up to scratch? Did they not like me as a person? The truth is they simply, probably, just couldn’t afford to keep you on.

I felt, before I got made redundant, like I was getting itchy feet. Maybe it was time to move on? But then, I got pipped to the post.

My ex boss was fantastic and gave me a really nice redundancy package and assured me, it wasn’t me it was them. Still, you find yourself feeling, well rather…. Redundant.

Here are my 5 top tips on what to do if you find yourself all of sudden unemployed…

1. Don’t panic! Work out your money and how long you think it will last you. Budget for bills first (Ergh I know!) and then work out how long you can realistically be unemployed for.

2. Be positive. No one wants to employee a grumpy guts. Keep positive and make sure you start every day as you would as if you were still working. Better yet, make yourself that yummy breakfast you wouldn’t have time to make if you had to be in at 8am.

3. Job search. I know this sounds obvious but dedicate times of the day when you will job hunt, whatever medium you choose. If it’s on the computer, take breaks, don’t click yourself stupid.

4. On the flip side. Don’t spend your days chained to the computer on Monster (other job search sites are available) Take a walk, get some air and perspective. Meet friends for lunch and generally enjoy the fact you can do this. I’m sure it won’t last long 🙂

 5. Finally. Try and cut back to the bare minimums. Forget your daily posh coffee, cutbacks are key. Unfortunately.

Remember it’s not a bad life, just a bad day!

Libby xo

(the girl who never wears white)

Nan’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Apologies, this one isn’t out of a cook book but from my dear old nan.

Nanny Pat taught me to bake so it only feels right that my first bake on the blog would be one of her recipes.

These cookies are delicious as well as not being too bad for you and this recipe makes around 25 cookies (depending on how big you like your biscuit)

I use normal oats and veggie oil but if you prefer you could always substitute. Groundnut oil would be lovely with these flavours!

Inspired by Great British Bake Off…

Ready, Steady, Baaakkee…

I start out by mixing all of my ‘wet’ ingredients first.

Then I add the flour, oats and bi-carb soda. It will look like your mix is far too dry but give it some with a wooden spoon and get all that pesky flour mixed in and you will be left with a sticky bowl full o’ yumminess.

Blob it out using a tablespoon onto trays covered in baking parchment. I’m not too precious with the way it looks but if your out to impress you could mould the dough with rings.

Once cooled, mine look like little boulders of oaty goodness. Packed full of raisins they are brill for a burst of energy that we all need with the 3pm cuppa.

They are not over sweet so if you’ve got a real thing for sugar these might not be the cookie for you but I think they are perfect for any teatime craving.

Do you have any brilliant biscuit or cookie recipe? or if you do give Nan’s cookie’s a go drop me a line and let me know what you think.


(the girl who never wears white)

Well, hello there…

I have wanted to try this for a while, so here goes! Bear with me and be patient, I’m not that great at it yet. Blogging is one of those needs that I’ve had for a while just to you know, get myself out there into the world. A little piece of the internet, just for me. So, I’m figuring out what to write as I go along and hopefully you will want to join me.

Libby xo

(The girl who never wears white)